Hopscotch Around the World
Hopscotch pattern

Countries: Albania, Italy, Netherlands, Czech Republic

Target Ages: 8-12

3 Rolls of Masking Tape

Preferably a large room, with enough open space to map out 4 hopscotch patterns.

Jump to the hopscotch rules and patterns section to download the PDF files of these games.


  • Map out the hopscotch games using masking tape.  Make sure to spread out the patterns and indicate an area where the children can wait in line for their turn. (I used a large carpet square to size the boxes)
  • At each hopscotch pattern, post a sign indicating the name of the hopscotch game, which country it’s from, and the basic rules of the game.
  • Set a basket of beanbags near each game that needs something to be tossed.If you are expecting a large group, it is best to have a helper at each game to assist the children.

Ask children if they know how to play hopscotch and how they play it.  Is there only one right way to play?  Discuss the various histories of hopscotch and how hopscotch is played differently around the world.  Some children draw patterns in dirt, some use chalk.  Show some different shapes hopscotch patterns take on, such as spiral and squares and circles.  (Show illustrations from book, Hopscotch Around the World)

How to Play & Procedure:

  • Explain each hopscotch game to the children.  Show the location on a map of the country where the game is from, explain the rules, and demonstrate.
  • If you have a large group, then split the children into teams and run the games as stations.  Sound a bell or whistle when they should switch stations and make sure every team tries every game.  If the group is small, then allow every child a turn before you move as a group to the next pattern.
  • Provide a passport stamp or sticker for children who successfully complete or try each hopscotch pattern.  Encourage children to always clap and cheer for each other.

CLOSURE: Discuss thoughts about each pattern.  Did they have a favorite? Why?  Encourage children to create their own hopscotch games and share what they have learned with friends.  You can also make copies of the hopscotch game patterns for children to take homes and use.
Always remind children that while cultures around the world may play games differently in different settings, all children love to play games! Allow extra time for children to try their favorite patterns again to get passport stamps

Four hopscotch games and patterns
Sarah playing Varra

(You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download these PDF files. )

Campana - Italy
Days of the Week Hopscotch – the Netherlands
Varra – Albania
Olympic “Kritz” Hopscotch – adapted from a game pattern from the Czech Republic